Mannatech: The Story


This is the go-to resource, one-stop shop to find out about all things Mannatech. A 35 Page booklet that’s divided into two parts:

  1. Who is Mannatech? – This covers the company, its history, vision, mission and the technology and science behind the products. It introduces our business model of Social Entrepreneurship and also traces the history of glyconutrients and the discovery of Ambrotose®.
  2. Mannatech Product Range – Lists and overviews all the products available for sale within Mannatech Australasia.

Mannatech – The Story is a good overview tool to use in your conversations when sharing the Mannatech story. It’s a great leave-behind or use it to walk through and discuss.

Brochure Updated October, 2018

$3.50 each

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